Viewport detail in containers & agents

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A number of attributes make it easier to show detail within containers - be they notes or agents:

  • InteriorScale, which allows setting of a scaling factor used when drawing the viewport contents. This allows more note detail to be shown or conversely a larger amount of the child map contents.
  • MapScrollX and MapScrollY. These control the X/Y co-ordinates of the child map that will be displayed at the horizontal/vertical centre of the container icon. Whether that actual point is visible in the viewport will depend on the TitleHeight of the container.

As previously, the order/location of aliases seen in an agent can't me moved but they can be seen in more detail as with a note container, as is illustrated.

By clicking and dragging the map background within the viewport, the child map can be 'scrolled' within the viewport. such a change updates the MapScrollX/MapScrollY for the container in question.

Honoured in container viewport display: Shapes, Progress bar mark-up (bar/vbar), map background color, adornments, icon shadows.

Not honoured in container viewport display: Badges, body text, shadows, viewport detail within containers, container plots, table expressions.

Viewport detail in containers & agents


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[Last updated: 5 Oct 2009, using v4.7.1]

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