Notes displaying body text

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In map views, large notes display (a portion of) the note's body copy text as well as the title.

The note text appears only if:

  • The note has text.
  • The note is sufficiently large.
  • For containers (including agents) the title height area is sufficiently large.
  • The note is not an adornment or picture adornment (adornments don't have text!).

The text is displayed but not styled, and embedded images are not drawn. Text is drawn only in rectangular notes, not those using shapes for display.

Once a map note displays body copy its title is no longer vertically centered.

An attribute MapBodyTextSize lets a specific font size for the body text be chosen. MapBodyTextColor sets the color used to display such text.

The font used to render both title and body text is set via Preferences:Map:Note label font. This font choice can be overridden at note level by setting NameFont to a different value, though again it applies to both title and body text.

Text alignment uses TextAlign and title alignment uses NameAlignment.

In older versions, In maps or large notes that display both the title and text of the note, Tinderbox uses Name rather than DisplayName to estimate the height required for the title.

Notes displaying body text


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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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