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Notes may be decorated with a 'badge' -- a small icon that appears to the left of the note name in outline view, and in the upper right hand corner of the note in map view (or lower right corner for containers/agents). Users can alter/extend the range of badges available by placing suitable icon files (files with the .icns extension) in ~Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/badges/.

Badges are displayed in a slightly different location according to the type of icon (as illustrated):

  • Note - top right of icon
  • Note container - bottom right of icon
  • Agent - top right of icon

The reason for this is that in the case of the containers, the part of the icon holding the title is comparatively small and a badge could intrude on that.

Badge icon files include both 16 and 32 pixel square images. The latter look good but are slightly too large for normal note icons. As a pragmatic compromise, if the note's Height is less than 1.28 TB units the 16 pixel version is used, in all other cases the 32 pixel versions are used - no further scaling takes place.

Badges are not shown on icons displayed in the viewport of note and agent containers.

Badges may be selected from a pop-up menu by clicking on the area where a badge is displayed (see list above).

The note's badge is controlled by a string attribute Badge, which holds the name of the badge. The value of Badge may be set through inheritance, rules, or actions as well as well as manually via the pop-up list..

Badges on icons


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