Note Window displayed Key Attribute: Value pop-up menu

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This menu allows you to pick any already-used string [sic] attribute value from a list when that attribute is displayed as a Key Attribute in a text window. The list is created dynamically and is only shown for String and Set data type attributes (unless built-in read-only fields). The list is case sensitive - so 'Big' and 'big' would both be included as separate values.

The 'normal' value listed separately at the top of the menu resets the default value for that attribute (or set).

As attribute values are stored case-sensitively, use an agent to help hunt down notes with incorrect spelling/case for values. Use the = operator for the query as this is inherently case-sensitive. Using contains you need to explicitly set case sensitivity (although it is 'on' by default).

There is a limit to the number of values for which a list will be created; the current default is 99 (75 in earlier versions). Where this value is exceeded, the field in question offers no dynamic list.

There is an option for the user to alter this value (higher or lower) by editing their Tinderbox config.xml file and changing the 'UniqueValueLimit' parameter. Before altering this value do consider that setting a much higher limit may affect the applications performance on less powerful machines, especially if several fields with large lists as set a KeyAttributes in note text windows.

[Introduced in v2.4.0]

Note Window displayed Key Attribute: Value pop-up menu


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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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