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This menu is seen in Map, Chart, Outline and Explorer (Outline pane) view if the mouse is not over a note. It offers:

  • Go up. Go up one level (greyed out at top level).
  • Create Note. Opens the Create Note dialog.
  • Create Agent. Opens the Create Agent dialog.
  • Create Adornment. Opens the Create Adornment dialog. This is the only way to add map adornments as this is omitted from the main menus. The option is greyed out on view types other than Map view.
  • Paste Picture. Pastes a picture from the clipboard onto the map background — as a picture adornment.
  • [a list of notes]. In Map view, this is a list of notes on that level. In Chart/Outline view it is a list of all revealed notes. It would appear this list is limited to a certain number of items but the limit is not documented. Clicking on one of the these items causes the clicked note to be selected.

On Maps, the final list above lists both notes and adornments. however, if there is more than one adornment on the map, only adornments are listed.

Major Views: pop-up menu


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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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