^sectionCloud( [item, count] )^

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Code Type:   Export Mark-up
Code Scope of Action:   group

^sectionCloud( [item, count] )^

This provides an HTML interface to the information displayed in the Common Words view. In this case the scope is 'section' (parent as indicated by item). It displays the 100 most common words in the note, omitting stop words (there may be fewer words if there are fewer valid words in scope). The words are wrapped in tags to permit the most common words to be displayed in a larger font; the tags used may be customized through the new attributes HTMLCloud1Start/End, HTMLCloud2Start/End, etc.

^sectionCloud^ takes two optional arguments:



^ sectionCloud(this,60)^ 

^ sectionCloud(/this/that/other/note)^ 

^ sectionCloud(Interesting Note, 40)^ 

See also ^cloud^, ^documentCloud^

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