^title( item )^

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Code Type:   Data Include
Code Scope of Action:   item

^title( note )^

The title of the item or note. The value is the same as the 'Name' attribute. Note the ^title does not work as a proxy for ^title(this) as you might assume from ^text^ code usage.

The ^title^ of this page is: ^title( item )^

The ^title^ of page "Conditional Mark-up" (using code ^title(Conditional Mark-up)^) is: Conditional Mark-up

Note that Tinderbox does not force you to quote note names that include spaces in them, a nice time saver. However, if coding in other programs or languages makes you more comfortable quoting, ^title("Conditional Mark-up")^ also works: Conditional Mark-up. From v4 onwards quoting string literals - such as actual Name values - is recommended, changing the above advice.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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