^action( action )^

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Code Type:   Calculation
Code Scope of Action:   n/a

^action( action )^

This code performs any action, or list of actions, that could be performed by an agent or rule. The action is performed immediately. ^action^ does not export anything itself. For example:

^action($Color="red")^ ^get(Color)^ 

will change the color of the exported note to "red" and export "red".

This allows manipulations for export use without needing to, for instance, hold the value in a user attribute first.

Also see ^value( expression )^.

The internal equivalent is a normal action/rule statement, i.e. there is no point in using ^action^ internally. However, if you want some logic during export to change an internal attribute value (e.g. exported notes having a new color), then use ^action^ in the context of your export codes.

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