Rename Note dialog

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This allows edting of an exiting note's settings.

  • Name. The Name attribute of the note; the title string used as the note's label in views. The existing name may be edited.
  • Color. The color of the agent in views. Choose from any predefined color in the left pop-up list with an option color modifier from the right pop-up list; after creation the color can be reset to any definable value via the Color attribute or the note's Info dialog. The values selected/set becomes the note's Color attribute. The existing color may be altered. Note, the color qualifiers come before the color when used as a color name in actions, etc.; select 'blue' + 'lighter' but refer to it as 'lighter blue'.
  • Separator. Tick to make this note a Separator in Outline views.
  • Can be a template. Tick to enable this note to be used as an export template.
  • Prototype. The prototype on which the note is based may be altered.
  • Can be prototype. (default - not ticked). If ticked this note can be used as a prototype and will subsequently appear in the Prototype list (above) in Note Creation and Rename dialogs.
  • KeyAttributes. Allows one or more attributes to be set to display in the note. Desired attributes are set by clicking them in the pop-up list. Attributes already selected display a bullet before the attribute name in the pop-up list. The setting created are stored in the KeyAttributes attribute. User attributes are listed first, at the top if the list. Clicking selected items removes them from KeyAttributes; this version also stops KeyAttribute assignments via this dialog resulting in an extra empty attribute line showing in note windows.
  • Display Expression. Sets the optional DisplayExpression action that can alter the note's Name when shown in views.
  • OnAdd Action. Action code to perform on any new notes created in or moved to the note's - i.e. it affects any children of the note (but not the note itself). The code is stored in the OnAdd attribute. Changes to this code do not act retrospectively on existing children - use a (temporary) agent to achieve synchronisation of existing and new child OnAdd-derived settings.
  • Rule. Action code to perform on the agent itself (and only the agent). This code is applied every time agents are updated. The code is stored in the Rule attribute. This may be edited.
  • Sort by / reverse. Optionally sets a sort order on any attribute value, with the sub-option of reversing that order. Values are persisted in the agent's Sort and SortBackward attributes. This may be edited.
  • 'and by' / reverse. Optionally sets a secondary sort order, with the sub-option of reversing that order. Values are persisted in the agent's SortAlso and SortBackwardAlso attributes. This may be edited.

The OK button will be greyed out if a Rule or Action cannot be parsed. The unparseable code will remain highlighted to facilitate corrections.

Rename Note dialog


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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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