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Attribute Data Type:   set
Attribute Default Value:   (not set - empty string)
Atrribute Group:   TextFormat
Attribute Inherited from Preferences?     No
Attribute Read-Only?   No

KeyAttributes is a Set. A semi-colon delineated set of Attribute names to be displayed at the top of the current note's text page (or text pane in Explorer view). The exposed attributes can be edited in situ; at its right, each non read-only attribute shown has a small black disclosure triangle. Clicking the latter opens a pop-up menu listing all the currently used values for that attribute. You can either select one of these or add your own vale (which is subsequently shown in the pop-up list).

The key attributes are displayed in the current note's text window from top to bottom in the order listed in the KeyAttributes string. Thus "Width;Height;OnAdd" would cause 'Width' to be listed first, then 'Height', etc. Note that if selected for display manually, a note's displayed attributes as listed in alphabetical order.

If you change the value list, of the order of items in the list, you will need to refresh the note window — most easily done by clicking another Tinderbox window and then clicking back on the note (there is no 'refresh view' menu option).

KeyAttributes can also be added by dragging them from the User or System panes of the Attributes dialog onto a note's text window.

By default, KeyAttributes are displayed in alphabetical order, but they can be set in a custom order using an custom semicolon delimited list for this attributes values; additions/deletions to such custom orders won't reset the list to alphabetical.

The names of key attributes in the text window are drawn in NameFont (defaulting to Preferences:Maps:Note Label Font).

Up to 8191 characters are allowed for the set's value string(s), giving plenty of room for complex pattern matching strings.

Dragging an item out of the Key Attributes table in note Text windows, deletes that item from KeyAttributes.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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