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Attribute Data Type:   string
Attribute Default Value:   (not set - empty string)
Atrribute Group:   Net
Attribute Inherited from Preferences?     No
Attribute Read-Only?   No

The attribute AutoFetchCommand extends AutoFetch with new capabilities.

If AutoFetchCommand is empty (the default), AutoFetch behaves as previously; the contents of the specified URL are stored in the note's text.

AutoFetchCommand is an action, and thus uses the same syntax as agent actions and rules. It runs when the file is loaded, exported, and possibly during idle period. Typically, AutoFetchCommand will invoke an outside program, perhaps fetching some information from the user's hard disk or network. For example:

$Text=`ls ~Documents 

will replace the text of the note with a list of all the files currently in the user's Documents folder.

Delivered=`myDatabaseQuery $TrackingID 

will run the shell script myDatabaseQuery, passing it the value of the note's TrackingID attribute as an argument.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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