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Attribute Data Type:   action
Attribute Default Value:   (not set - empty string)
Atrribute Group:   General
Attribute Inherited from Preferences?     No
Attribute Read-Only?   No

An action, or list of actions (separated by semi-colons), to be performed when a note becomes child of the current note, be it new or moved there by dragging. Adornments also offer 'OnAdd' action support. Although it takes a string argument, the string must be valid action syntax.

OnAdd actions are applied to each item of a multiple-item drag, even if the dragged notes originate in a different file. The OnAdd action is applied only when a note is created inside a container, or is moved into a container from some other container. This stops OnAdd being re-applied for actions like moving an note on a Map and where OnAdd may have iterative effects on a note if re-applied. Pasting a note into a container runs the OnAdd action.

The container's OnAdd action acts on both newly-made notes and agents.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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