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Attribute Data Type:   number
Attribute Default Value:   0
Atrribute Group:   Map
Attribute Inherited from Preferences?     No
Attribute Read-Only?   No

The height of the title bar may be changed by setting the TitleHeight attribute. TitleHeight is expressed in relative map units, as for Height and Width.

For a (selected) container - a note or agent - a splitter resize mouse icon is shown when the mouse is over the boundary of the title area and the map viewport; click and drag (hand icon) the mouse up or down to alter the height of the title area.

The default value of 0 (or a set value of 0) allows the icon to use Tinderbox's normal auto-resizing where the title area grows as the overall icon area does.

If TitleHeight is set to other than zero, then resizing the overall size of the container has no effect on the height of the title area.

To 'hide' the viewport area of a container, set the TitleHeight to equal Height (or for agents, Height - 0.1). This makes the map icon look like a normal not except the 2 bottom (note) or top (agent) corners are rounded. While the viewport hidden, it is not possible to double-click drill down but its shortcut (Cmd+Opt+Return) will work.

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