Macros in Agents (pre v4.6 only)

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As from v4.6, macros in queries are no longer supported. What follows is legacy information.


Macros can be useful in agent queries.

A macro that evaluates to a Boolean value may be evaluated in a query. For example, consider the macro

Macro: IsUrgent

$Prototype=="Task" & $DueDate>"today-1 week" & $Done==false

An agent may search for the query


the macro will be expanded and evaluated, Previously, the macro was expanded but not evaluated.

Macros can also be used in actions.

From v4.6, as agents are now action code expressions, there is no longer a need to use the export code style ^do()^ mark-up.

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[Last updated: 5 Oct 2009, using v4.7.1]

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