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Operator Type:   Date-time
Operator Scope of Action:   Item


constructs a date from individual numeric elements. This is useful, for example, if you need to assemble a date from separate attributes.

year is the 4-digit year

month is a number from 1-12

day is a number from 1 to 31

The time arguments are optional, and are specified in a 24-hour clock.

hour is a number from 0 to 23

minute is a number from 0 to 59

Using this operator, do not quote the whole arguments set - these should be left as individual numbers.

Wrong: $MyDate = date("2004,7,23,16,45");

Right: $MyDate = date(2004,7,23,16,45);

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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