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Operator Type:   Formatting
Operator Scope of Action:   Item

The operator exportedString() applies an export template to a note, returning the result as a string.


what designates the note to be exported; it is commonly "this".

templateFile is an HTML export template or a text export template; this argument is evaluated allowing use of attribute values and expressions. If both an HTML export template and a text export template exists with the same name, the HTML template will be used.

Alternatively, the second argument may be an export template, which is then applied to the target note.

If the template name includes spaces or periods then enclose the name in double-quotes.

The exportedString() operator is especially useful in conjunction with the runCommand() operator. You can use exportedString() to assemble the input an external program will require, and then pass that input to the external program.

If you simply wish to transform a string or attribute value (e.g. $Name) into a 'safe' value for use as an HTML/XML element 'id' value, use idEncode().

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