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Guides to the Acrobat & Reader toolbars

v4.x Toolbox Explained.
v5.x Toolbars Explained.

Tutorials and Articles

Running Acrobat Reader from CD.
Document Level JavaScripts.
Toubleshooting problems with the '.PDF' file extension.


See brief how-to slideshows:
Docking and un-docking v5 toolbars.
Embedding PDFMarks in Word.

Eastgate Tinderbox resources

aTbRef (v6.2.0 baseline) - current version
v6/v5 tutorials.
aTbRef (v5 baseline)
aTbRef (v4.6.x baseline)
aTbRef (v4.5.x baseline)
aTbRef (v2.3.4 baseline)
Tinderbox Manual in TBX form (obsolete)


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